Monday, July 28, 2014

Kwan Yin

16x20in Joss papers on wood
16inx20in metal leaf on canvas
8x20in Prints on flag
16x20in Metal leaf on canvas

8inx16in Prints on flag
8inx20 in Prints on paper

16x20in Prints on canvas
16x20in Prints on canvas
12x20in Joss papers

16x20in Prints on flag

"Kwan Yin - Goddess of Compassion"
Kwan Yin’s love and assistance in worldly matters are unconditional. She is the all-loving, all-forgiving compassionate Goddess. She asks only that the wishes of her supplicants are neither harmful nor evil.
Invocation to Kwan Yin: “Alas I do not know either the mystical word nor the mystical diagram, nor do I know the songs of praise to Thee, nor how to welcome Thee, nor how to meditate on Thee, not even how to inform Thee of my distress.
But this much I do know, O Goddess - that to take refuge in Thee is to destroy all of my miseries, that to ask of Thee for love and protection will encompass me with Thy blessings, that a request Thee for assistance will empower me with Thy guidance”.


 These screenprints also make a great fashion-statement!


Mixed media on canvas

Chenrezig is the Tibetan bhoddisattva of compassion. The Dali Lama is his incarnation on Earth. Chenrezig has determined to delay his ascent to Buddhahood until all sentient beings have attained enlightenment. He is aided in this immense task by the Green and White Taras.


"Fook - Prosperity"
Mixed media on canvas

This traditional Chinese character stands for “good fortune and prosperity”, and its display in a business environment will ensure a strong profit margin.


"Sacred 'Om' Syllable"
Mixed media on canvas

This ancient sacred mantra ia used in meditation to calm and concentrate the mind, and has the power to create a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere.

In the beginning was the word - and that still-enduring word is the seed syllable “Om”.
The Sanscrit “Om” mantra is the ancient, sacred, formative sound of the Universe.
Energy is given form by sound - the sound of “Om” is the dynamic, primordial life energy which creates and sustains the cosmos and everything within it. “Om” is the life-force of the Universe.
In this character, the diamond-shaped point is that bindu (point) from which the Universe evolved, and into which it dissolves at the end of the great cosmic cycles. On a human level it is that still point of peace and harmony which is available to us in meditation.
The crescent below the bindu symbolizes the awakening and growth of a new consciousness which comes as a result of that meditation.
The character symbolizes mental forces and its invocation sets them in motion.

“Om” or “Aum” is the audible form of the most ancient and potent Indian mantra.
It is the utterance which, correctly used, can unite and harmonize all the vast fields of activity of the creative Goddess.Essentially every thought or idea originates in sound,. The moment we think, an unheard sound is formed. Sound is the soul of form.
This mantra has the power to resonate up the crystal cavity of the subtle sine, and to open the body to that root energy - which can then flood in through the crown of the head from the Reality beyond time.

The Lovers

"Tantric Embrace - the Lovers"
Mixed media on canvas

This loving couple represent the cosmic union of the feminine (yin) and masculine (yang) principles, expressing the return to cosmic wholeness.
The union of the feminine (yin) and masculine (yang) principles is represented here on a human level as a loving couple in an embrace which symbolizes the return to cosmic oneness.
In Tantric ritual every conjunction of opposites expresses a joyful transcendence of the material world. This pair embody pure unconditional love in their passionate embrace.

Double Happiness

"Double Happiness"
Mixed media on canvas

This highly auspicious character will bestow blessings of happiness, prosperity, and harmony upon the home. It will bring mutual fulfillment within families and partnerships - and will help to ensure enduring relationships.

The Dragon

"The Dragon - symbol of wisdom and protection"
Mixed media on canvas

In Feng Shui the dragon is a most auspicious creature which protects against malign influences and negative energies. As the embodiment of strength, courage and wisdom this celestial creature brings particularly good fortune.

Feng Shui

"Feng Shui"
Mixed media on canvas

Feng Shui literally means “Wind and Water” - the two forces which shape our world on all levels. Good Feng Shui establishes and maintains a perfect balance of human activities with the energies of nature and the cosmos - so creating harmony and prosperity in the home, relationship, or business.

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of promoting health, harmony, happiness and prosperity by harnessing the positive energy (chi) from one’s environment.
Feng Shui is not a series of fixed rules about when to do things or where to put objects; instead, it relies on a deep understanding of the patterns of energy in the universe, and of their interaction with each individual. It deals with the intangible background of energetic influences and life-forces that create the objects and beings around us, and which shape our lives and future.
In the family home, well-orientated Feng Shui features work to create harmonious relationships between partners and between parents and children, foster good health, and attract abundance and prosperity.
In business premise, good Feng Shui creates opportunities for growth, elevates prestige in the community, attracts customers, raises profits, and expands turnover. Employees stay loyal, and a pervasive aura of goodwill ensures smooth working relationships.
We are all affected by the energies around us which create and influence our lives. The practice of Feng Shui has proven itself over many centuries in the East as a powerful tool for encouraging optimum health, harmony and abundance, as well as being a powerful tool for personal well-being and transformation.

Love - the Music of the Heart

"Love - the Music of the Heart"
Mixed media on canvas

Successful relationships depend on unconditional love and mutual respect in order for mutual harmony of bodies and spirits to flourish
True unconditional love brings great blessings - it creates harmony, both within the partnership and the family, and ensures enduring, mutually-satisfying relationships.
Loving means to be openly giving as well as receptive.
Placement of this artwork in the home will assist in attracting beneficial energies into your life; or, if given as a gift, into the home of the recipient.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Zen Circle

"Zen Circle"
16in x 20in
Mixed media and metal leaf on canvas

           In Zen the circle symbolizes the process of centering and grounding which helps us cope with the vissitudes of everyday life, as well as helping to lead ultimately to enlightenment
This loose circle also embodies the dynamism of the creative process and dramatically expresses Chi - the universal life force.
“The sacred circle is the birthplace of initial motion and the beginning of time, it is the coiled magnet, the circle of ever-accelerating force, as pure energy it is the source of all life.
Looked at another way, the circle is zero - the zero of nothingness from which we come, and to which we return. The hole at the centre is the abyss, the mirror, or the question mark” - Isamu Noguchi

8in x 12in
Mixed media on canvas

Good Health

"Good Health" 16in x 20in.
Mixed media and metal leaf on canvas.
This Chinese character bestows blessings for good health - the foundation for a long and rewarding life characterized by harmony and success.
Placement of this artwork in the home or workplace will assist in attracting beneficial energies into your living, study, or business environment.

"Good Health" 8in x 12in.
Mixed media on canvas.