Monday, July 28, 2014

Kwan Yin

16x20in Joss papers on wood
16inx20in metal leaf on canvas
8x20in Prints on flag
16x20in Metal leaf on canvas

8inx16in Prints on flag
8inx20 in Prints on paper

16x20in Prints on canvas
16x20in Prints on canvas
12x20in Joss papers

16x20in Prints on flag

"Kwan Yin - Goddess of Compassion"
Kwan Yin’s love and assistance in worldly matters are unconditional. She is the all-loving, all-forgiving compassionate Goddess. She asks only that the wishes of her supplicants are neither harmful nor evil.
Invocation to Kwan Yin: “Alas I do not know either the mystical word nor the mystical diagram, nor do I know the songs of praise to Thee, nor how to welcome Thee, nor how to meditate on Thee, not even how to inform Thee of my distress.
But this much I do know, O Goddess - that to take refuge in Thee is to destroy all of my miseries, that to ask of Thee for love and protection will encompass me with Thy blessings, that a request Thee for assistance will empower me with Thy guidance”.

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