Thursday, July 24, 2014

Zen Circle

"Zen Circle"
16in x 20in
Mixed media and metal leaf on canvas

           In Zen the circle symbolizes the process of centering and grounding which helps us cope with the vissitudes of everyday life, as well as helping to lead ultimately to enlightenment
This loose circle also embodies the dynamism of the creative process and dramatically expresses Chi - the universal life force.
“The sacred circle is the birthplace of initial motion and the beginning of time, it is the coiled magnet, the circle of ever-accelerating force, as pure energy it is the source of all life.
Looked at another way, the circle is zero - the zero of nothingness from which we come, and to which we return. The hole at the centre is the abyss, the mirror, or the question mark” - Isamu Noguchi

8in x 12in
Mixed media on canvas

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