Monday, July 28, 2014


"Sacred 'Om' Syllable"
Mixed media on canvas

This ancient sacred mantra ia used in meditation to calm and concentrate the mind, and has the power to create a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere.

In the beginning was the word - and that still-enduring word is the seed syllable “Om”.
The Sanscrit “Om” mantra is the ancient, sacred, formative sound of the Universe.
Energy is given form by sound - the sound of “Om” is the dynamic, primordial life energy which creates and sustains the cosmos and everything within it. “Om” is the life-force of the Universe.
In this character, the diamond-shaped point is that bindu (point) from which the Universe evolved, and into which it dissolves at the end of the great cosmic cycles. On a human level it is that still point of peace and harmony which is available to us in meditation.
The crescent below the bindu symbolizes the awakening and growth of a new consciousness which comes as a result of that meditation.
The character symbolizes mental forces and its invocation sets them in motion.

“Om” or “Aum” is the audible form of the most ancient and potent Indian mantra.
It is the utterance which, correctly used, can unite and harmonize all the vast fields of activity of the creative Goddess.Essentially every thought or idea originates in sound,. The moment we think, an unheard sound is formed. Sound is the soul of form.
This mantra has the power to resonate up the crystal cavity of the subtle sine, and to open the body to that root energy - which can then flood in through the crown of the head from the Reality beyond time.

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